First, Join Colladium and join the Statewide Independent Wholesalers community

If you're brand new to Colladium, see how to do that here. 

If you're already a Colladium user, see how to do that here.

A couple of things to make sure of

  1. Make sure your ABN, GLN and GS1 prefix are filled out in your organisation settings. Find out how to add to that here. This makes sure your order gets to you on Colladium, that you can create SSCC labels and that your ABN is filled out on your invoices.
  2. Make sure you've entered your address. Find out how to do that here. This will make sure your address is on the invoices you send.

When you receive an order, review it and respond

Find out how to view and response to orders here.

When you're ready to ship it, create the advanced shipping notice

Find out how to create an advanced shipping notice here.

Then send your invoice

Find out how to send an invoice here.