You will need to be a Super Administrator or a Seller to do this.

  1. Find the order you want to despatch by clicking the link in the email, or the notification within Colladium. You can also access the order from your purchase order listing: hover over forms and click purchase orders
  2. Once you've responded to the order (if you haven't done that already, find out how to do that here), open the order and click despatch
  3. Complete the details above the 'despatch details' table. The fields with an asterisk (*) next to them are mandatory.
  4. The despatch details table shows you what items have been ordered.
  5. If your customer required you to send them specific shipment details, follow these steps:
    1. Next to I use select how you ship your goods and whether multiple products can go into the one container/pallet
    2. Then tell us how you're packing your goods:
      • If your goods have a batch number, expiry date or best before date, enter them here
      • Then under 'qty per SSCC', enter the number of ordered units that go into/one one carton/pallet/shipping unit
      • Then click once to assign this quantity to one SSCC or repeat to assign this quantity to the number of shipping units required to ship this line entirely
      • You'll see that container(s) are created with your goods, and the available qty will have reduced by the quantity that you've already assigned to SSCCs
      • Continue this process for each line that you're shipping
      • There may be some additional information at the container/SSCC level that you need to complete. They're the ones with asterisks(*) next to them.
      • Click print SSCC labels to get a PDF of the labels to attach to your shipments. You can print these PDFs on your office laser printer.

  6. Once you've completed all the required information, click send