You will need to be a Super Administrator or Seller to do this. If you're sending an invoice that's not related to a purchase order, view this article.

Find the order you want to invoice

Do this by:

  1. Visiting your purchase order listing page: hover over the forms icon in the top menu and click purchase orders
  2. Find the purchase order
    1. Look down the list or
    2. Use the filter on the left to search by purchase order number, status (you might be looking for those that you've accepted), when you received the order, the partner who sent the order, or the ship to location
  3. Click on the purchase order number to view it

Create the invoice

You’ll need to have acknowledged the order and despatched it if your customer requires it.

  1. When viewing the order, click the invoice button
    Note: You can also get straight to the create invoice page from the purchase order listing by hovering over the three dots and clicking invoice
  2. Complete the information above the table
  3. Complete the information in the table. You may be able to add additional columns by clicking the + on the right and selecting the one to be added
  4. Click send
  5. Your customer will receive an email and in-app notification.