If you receive orders that don't have all the information you want, you can upload your products and we'll fill in the missing details. For example, if you receive an order with only a GTIN or supplier item code, quantity and price, we can fill in the description for your products.

Here's how to set it up

  1. Enable the integration:
    1. Navigate to your organisation's page by clicking on the name or building icon in the top right of the menu bar
    2. Click organisation settings, form settings and product catalogue integration
    3. Check the box to integrate forms with your product details
  2. Now upload your products:
    1. Have a look at this article to find out how.

Some things to note

  • We'll only pull in the information for active products. That means the latest version of products with an effective date before today.
  • To bring in the GST amount, make sure you've filled out both of these fields in your product:
    • Duty free tax rate = <your tax rate, eg. 10>
    • Duty fee tax agency code = ATO
    • Duty fee tax type code = GST
  • We populate the information when you receive or send an order.