If you're sending an invoice in response to a purchase order received through Colladium, have a look at this article.

This article is for organisations sending an e-invoice through the e-invoicing access point network. For more information visit the ATO's website or the New Zealand Government's website.

Join Colladium

  1. If you haven't already, click here to find out how
  2. Make sure you select that you're on Colladium for e-invoicing, and enter your ABN/GLN/NZBN/D-U-N-S.

If you missed that part when you joined, follow these steps. Otherwise, you can continue.

  1. Enter your organisation's e-invoicing identifier by hovering over the organisation icon or your organisation's name in the top right of the menu bar
  2. On the left, click organisation settings then general settings and identifiers
  3. Add your identifier: your ABN, NZBN, GLN or D-U-N-S number and click save
  4. Under e-invoicing, switch the toggle next to the identifier you want to register, so it turns green

Add your address

  1. Use the quick links panel on the right on your homepage to add an address.

Send an e-invoice

  1. Hover over the forms menu
  2. Click the + to the right of invoices
  3. Select the type of invoice to send
  4. Select the organisation to send the invoice to:
    • Browse for the organisation by name, or
    • Enter the organisation's ABN, NZBN, GLN or D-U-N-S number
  5. Enter the details of the invoice
  6. Click send