If your payment fails to be processed, Colladium will attempt the payment 7 days later. You will be notified via email in this case.

Your payment may have failed because of insufficient funds or another reason. We suggest contacting your bank for more information.

Update your billing details

If you need to update your billing details, including the card we're deducting the payment from:

  1. Go to your organisation by clicking the building icon or organisation name in the top right of the menu bar
  2. On the left, click Organisation settings > Premium Services > Billing Information
  3. Then click Change
  4. You'll be taken to Stripe, where you can change your card details.

Reprocessing payments

Your payment will be attempted 7 days after the last successful attempt. If it continues to fail, you’ll be notified via email. You may like to contact your bank to see if there are any issues if the payment continues to fail. Colladium will make 3 attempts to process your card (each attempt 7 days after the last one) until it will suspend your service(s).

Suspension of paid services

If your payment fails to be deducted 3 consecutive times, access to your paid services will be suspended. You can update your billing details, which will trigger the payment to then be deducted, which if successful, will reinstate your access to the paid service(s).