First, you'll need to setup the integration. Find out how to do that here.

You'll also need to be connected to your customer(s). Find out how to do that here.

You'll need to receive an order from your customer first, then you can get your 3PL(s) involved. And just remember, the flow below might vary a bit depending on that messages your customer requires from you. For example, whether they need an advanced shipping notice or not.

Send a pick request onto your 3PL

  1. Open the order you receive on Colladium (hover over the forms icon in the menu and click purchase orders then click on the order)
  2. Review the order and click change (you'll need to do this whether you're making a change to the order or not)
  3. Complete the order response as you need. You'll see two additional columns in the order details table, 3PL and 3PL qty
    1. Select the 3PL you want to fulfull this line in the 3PL column
    2. In the 3PL qty column, enter the quantity to be fulfilled by this 3PL
    3. If you want multiple 3PLs to each fulfill part of one line, click the plus icon (split line) and complete the 3PL and 3PL qty columns as needed
    4. When you're done, click send.
  4. The purchase order response will go to your customer and a pick request will go to your 3PL(s). You'll notice two orders in your order listing - the original one from your customer and the one you sent to your 3PL.

Your 3PL will fulfill the order and send the advanced shipping notice onto your customer

  1. Your 3PL will receive the pick request you send in the previous step. It'll be in their order listing.
  2. Your 3PL should go into the order and click accept and then click ship
  3. They should complete all the information on the ASN and click send (if they need help, they can follow this article)
  4. The ASN will be send onto your customer, and you'll also see a copy of it in your despatch advice listing. In fact, you'll see two copies - one from your 3PL to you, and one from you to your customer. This way, your customer will know the goods are yours.

After this, you'll be able to invoice the order as usual - just go into the order and click invoice.