You will need to be a Super Administrator to do this.

This functionality will mark forms as complete once they reach the end of their flow. Here are some exmaples:

  • If the flow for that order is for you to receive it, then complete various steps with the last one being invoicing it, then the order will be marked as complete once it has been fully invoiced. You can manually mark individual forms as complete at any time.
  • If the last message you need to send to your customer is a despatch advice, your order will be marked as complete when it has been fully despatched.
  • If you send orders and receive a response back, your order will be marked as complete once you have received a response.

Here's how to turn this feature on:

  1. Head to your organisation settings page by clicking the organisation icon or your organisation name in the top right of the navigation menu
  2. On the left, open your organisation settings, then form settings and select auto mark complete
  3. Check the box to enable this
  4. Enter the number of days after the order has been completed that you'd like us to wait until we mark it as complete
  5. Then click save.