Brand new Colladium users

If you've received an invitation

  1. You should have received an email invitation
  2. Click the join now link in the email

    You must join with the email address that received the invitation to join the community on Colladium

  3. Follow the steps to create your account:
    1. Enter your details and password and click join
    2. Enter your preferences and click next
    3. Enter your organisation's name to see if it's on Colladium
      1. If you can see that your organisation is already on Colladium, request to join it
      2. If you can't see your organisation, click create new organisation and follow the steps
    4. Select the checkbox next to the community invitation and click accept.

Request to join a community

  1. Hover over the communities icon in the top menu bar
  2. Search for the community by name on the left, or browse through the communities
  3. Hover over the image above the community name and click request to join.

Existing Colladium users

  1. Find the notifications in your email, or in your notifications dropdown under the user tab
  2. Click to view the notification
  3. Follow the steps to accept the invitation.

Can't see the invitation? Make sure the community owner has sent the invitation, and that they've sent it to the correct email address. You should also check your spam folder.