If you're a MessageXchange EDI Gateway customer, you will raise the order in your software.

  1. Hover over the forms menu and click the + to the right of purchase orders
  2. Select the organisation to send the order to, enter a purchase order number and click next

    Can't see the organisation you're looking for? Check that:

    1. You're part of their community (hover over the communities menu and you’ll see the community under joined communities) or
    2. They’re part of yours (hover over the communities menu and check your community under owned communities).
  3. Enter the details on the purchase order

    Some communities have pre-configured fields. You may be able to add more fields by choosing from the additional fields dropdown. You may also be able to add more columns to the items table by clicking the + on the right.

  4. Click send.
  5. Your supplier will receive an email and in-app notification.