The visibility setting of your catalogue allows you to determine who can see the products in this catalogue.

Because a product can be a part of multiple catalogues, the product will inherit the widest-most visibility settings. For example, if Product A is in Catalogue Y (visible to Organisation N only) and Catalogue X (visible to the public), Organisation O will be able to see Product A.

You can limit the visibility of the products in your catalogue by selecting one of the following options:

  • Public
    Anyone on Colladium will be able to see these products.
  • Only my organisation's catalogue editors
    Only your organisation will be able to see these products. This is useful for when you're setting up products and don't want to publish them just yet.
  • Selected organisations and/or communities
    You can select specific organisation here, or choose to have these products visible to every member of your selected community.

Only products with an effective date from now or in the future, as well as the relevant visibility settings, will be seen.