Adding a notice is a great way to communicate with your community members. You can choose to notify them when a new notice is posted.

You will need to be a Super Administrator, Community Administrator or Content Administrator to do this.

  1. Navigate to your community by hovering over the communities icon in the top menu, and selecting your community under owned communities
  2. In the left navigation, click noticeboard
  3. Click new
  4. Add a name for your notice, enter the details
  5. Optionally choose to and from dates. If you do, this notice will only be visible to your community between this time.
  6. You can choose to make this notice available only to members with a certain category
  7. Choose the visibility of this notice (available to your community members, everyone on Colladium, or just your organisation)
  8. Choose whether you want your community members to receive a notification about this notice
  9. Save notice