You may not be a part of a community that is Single Touch Payroll (STP) enabled. You can see what communities you've joined by hovering over the communities icon (the globe) and looking under joined communities. If you have joined multiple communities, you may need to click see more.

If your organisation has not joined a Single Touch Payroll enabled community, you can request to join one. Navigate to the communities listing by clicking on the communities icon, search for the STP-enabled community, hover over the community's image and click request to join.

If you are reporting through Single Touch Payroll for multiple organisations on Colladium, you will need to make sure each organisation has joined an STP-enabled community.

You need to be a Super Administrator or Payroll Administrator to report through STP.

If you are a member of an STP-enabled community and have Super Administrator or Payroll Administrator roles and still can't see the STP link in your menu, try visiting the submission page ( or the listing page ( by pasting the URL into your browser.