You will need to be a Super Administrator or User Administrator to do this.

Through groups

We recommend administering access via groups. Groups are a number of users within an organisation with the same assigned roles. The benefit of groups is if one user leaves the organisation, the incoming replacement can join the same group and have the same visibility.

Groups are also used to send and receive conversations.

Navigate to your organisation and click organisation settings > user settings > groups.

Every organisation will have a default group with the minimum amount of access. All users will join this group and cannot be removed from it.

Click on the group name to edit the group, or click new to create a new one.

If you're creating a new group, enter the group's name and click create group.

Now you're in the edit group page.

Choose whether you would like others on Colladium to send a conversation to this group.

Choose whether you want this group to receive contact enquiries (through the contact us pages on your organisation and community portals).

Then assign the organisation roles. See what functions each role allows at the bottom of this page.

And you can add community roles for each of your communities.

You can choose to add users from here by selecting them in the dropdown, or by editing the user and selecting the group to add the user to.

Through users

You can assign roles to an individual user by navigating to the users page (organisation settings > user settings > users > selecting the user).

Here you can assign roles to the individual user, or remove the roles they've previously been given.


Super administrator
Can complete all actions within the organisation and its communities
Profile administrator
Can edit the organisation's profile and 'about us' page
User administrator
Can create and edit groups and users
Can create purchase orders and create or receive associated forms
Can receive purchase orders and create or receive associated forms
Product editor
Can create and edit products
Price editor
Can add and edit prices associated with products
Catalogue editor
Can add and edit catalogues
Payroll administrator
Can upload STP files and view responses
Certification userCan undertake certifications you've been invited to
Community administrator
Can complete all actions within an established community
Member administrator
Can create and edit member types and members
Content administrator
Can create and edit community pages
CommunityCertification administratorCan view and edit certifications that your organisation owns