On Colladium, those who can act on behalf of an organisation are called users.

You can easily invite others to your organisation.

You will need to be a Super Administrator or User Administrator to do this.

Don't forget to setup groups with correct roles before inviting users. For trading, the group will need a Super Administrator, Buyer or Seller role. For STP, the group will need a Super Administrator or Payroll Administrator role. See more about groups here

Navigate to your organisation (click on the building icon or organisation name in the top right of the menu, or hover over organisations > owned organisations and click on the name of your organisation).

On the left, click organisation settings > user settings > users.

On the right, under the banner image, click create.

Enter the user's details.

If you add an end date, the user will no longer have access to your organisation from that date.

See more about groups here.

Click create user.

The user will now receive an email with a link to join your organisation on Colladium.

Invite multiple users at once

If you have a CSV of the users you want to invite, navigte to the create user page and under create by CSV upload, click the choose file button.

Select the CSV of your contacts.

You'll then be asked to map the column headers to the Colladium fields.

On the next page, you'll be asked to select the contacts to send the invitations too.

Then send the invitations.