You need to be an owner of, or a part of a community that is Single Touch Payroll enabled and have two-step authentication enabled. Find out more about two-step authentication here.

You’ll also need to be a Super Administrator and/or Payroll Administrator.

If you've got the right access, you’ll see the Single Touch Payroll section in your forms menu.

To submit your file, hover over the forms icon in the menu bar and click the + to the right of Single Touch Payroll.

Select your entity type

It will be one of:

  • Business
  • Intermediary
  • Registered Agent
  • Registered Tax Agent.

Then enter your identifier

If you’re a business or an intermediary, you will have needed to enter your ABN when creating your organisation when you joined. You can always add or remove it later in your organisation settings. Just click on your organisation name or the building icon in the top right of the menu. Then on the left, click on organisation settings > identifiers.

If you’re a registered agent, enter your RAN.

If you’re a registered tax agent, enter your TAN.

Select the type of upload

This will either be submit (if this is a regular submission of your payroll information). Alternatively you can select update if your need to report changes to employee YTD amounts previously reported.

Select the version of your file

Select the 2018 version.

For STP 2,  select version 2020.

Choose your product ID

Select your product ID. Or if your eligible to choose to use the Colladium product ID, you can choose that.

Add an upload reference

Enter an upload reference. This won’t be sent to the ATO, but is just used in Colladium for you to identify that specific upload. You might like to use the payroll period dates.

Select your file

Choose the file you want to upload. It must be the ATO-defined XML or the MessageXchange-defined CSV. To get a copy of the message implementation guide (MIG), please contact MessageXchange.

Submitter and declaration

Choose if you are an employer or a registered agent and if you submit on behalf of one or more ABNs. Review the declaration message(s) and tick the appropriate boxes.

Submit to the ATO!