If you own a community

You will need to be a Super Administrator or Community Administrator to do this.

Forms settings

You can choose the forms in your community settings. Go to your community and click community settings > forms settings.

Select the form set.

The Colladium Supply Chain set has a standard PO, POC, POR, DA and INV that you can choose from. You can also have the forms customised to suit your business requirements. Find more information here.

And select your role within the community.

You can choose to use a certain identification scheme with your community (eg. GLN, vendor number or ABN). This is particularly important if you are integrating your software with Colladium.

Then select the widest range of forms you'd like to use in this community (you can assign a subset of those forms to your members – in the next section).

Member types

You'll also need to create member types, which you can assign to each of your members.

In community settings > member settings > member types, edit an existing member type, or create a new one.

On the right, you'll see all of the forms that you had selected in forms settings. Here you can choose a subset of those forms that will apply to members with this member type.

If you're trading with an organisation who owns the community

In this case, the owner of the community will choose the forms to trade with.

If you're both a member of their community, and they're a member of your community, the buyer can choose which community to send a purchase order through. The other forms in that transaction will be used from that community's settings.