Sharing is optional, but sharing a catalogue (and therefore the products in it) allows other organisations to:

  1. Pull the product data into their own software
    This is useful for your customers who place orders to you from their software. It allows them to always have the correct product and price information when they’re placing an order.
  2. Import your products
    This functionality is useful if you’re a wholesaler who sells products to a retailer, who then sells the product to the end user. By importing your products, the retailer doesn’t need to re-enter product information. They will be able to change details like pricing and more, for their own customers.

Sharing is controlled by catalogues. The products in your catalogue will inherit its sharing settings. If a product is in more than one catalogue, the greatest sharing settings will apply for the receiving organisation.

To share your products with other organisations, navigate to the create catalogue or edit catalogue page.

Scroll down to the sharing section and click add organisations/communities.

Search and select the organisation or community you would like to share this product data with.