Before we start...

Every product created by your organisation is added to your default catalogue. This catalogue cannot be deleted. You can choose to add a product to other catalogues too.

Your products inherit the visibility settings defined in your catalogues. See more information here.

You need to be a Super Administrator or a Catalogue Administrator to do this.

You can add your products to a catalogue in two ways.

Add a product to a catalogue while editing the product

Using this method, you must have the catalogue created before adding the product.

When you're in the edit product view, scroll down to the catalogues section.

Click add to catalogue and then select the catalogue name.

Add a product to a catalogue while creating or editing a catalogue

When you're creating or editing a catalogue, scroll down to the products section.

To select the products to add

Click add products. This will bring up a window where you can search for the product(s) you want to add. Just check the box and click add products.

This will only show the products that have not yet been added to this catalogue.

Add products by status

Click the dropdown arrow next to the add products button and select to add:

  • All current products
  • All future products
  • Add draft products.

Find out what a current, future of draft product is here.