You need to be a Super Administrator or a Price Editor to do this.

First choose a recipient who will see this price. You can make it a public price, an organisation-specific price, or a price for members of a community you own.

Then enter the price basis quantity. For example, if you sell cupcakes in packs of 6 but this product is for an individual cupcake, enter 6 here.

Enter the unit of measure (UOM) in the price table.

Next select a currency and enter the price.

Finally, add the start date that this price applies and you can optionally add the end date that this price ceases.

Dates cannot overlap for a recipient and currency. Only one price in a currency may apply for a recipient at a given point in time. If more than one price is available, for example a public price and price specific to the trading partner, then the more specific price applies.