Editing products is meant for users to fix data entry mistakes.

To make a minor change to a product (e.g. minor packaging changes), you can choose to create a new version. But, you should create a new product or clone an existing product if any of the following apply:

  • The consumer and/or trading partner is expected to distinguish the changed product from previous/current versions
  • There is regulatory/liability disclosure requirement to the consumer and/or trading partner
  • There a substantial impact to the supply chain (e.g. how the product is shipped, stored, received).

Edit a product by clicking the edit icon in your product library, or by clicking the edit button when viewing the product.

You need to be a Super Administrator or Product Editor to do this.

If the product already has an effective date

You will be able to edit all fields except:

  • GTIN
  • Supplier item
  • Effective date

If the product doesn't have an effective date yet

The product is considered a draft and you can edit all fields.