Your catalogue library is quite similar to your product library, except it displays a list of your catalogues.

Navigate to your catalogue library

Hover over the product icon in the menu and click catalogue library.

Toggle between visual and data views

Use the toggle in the top right (next to the new button) to switch between a visual view and a data view. You can still perform all actions on both views. You can switch between the views at any time.

Create a new catalogue

You can get to the create catalogue page through the menu (by clicking the + to the right of catalogue library) or you can click the add catalogue button on your catalogue library screen.

Use quick actions to make changes to your catalogues

Use the quick actions (under actions in the far right column in the data view, or hovering over the three dots in the visual view) to make changes to your products on the fly. You can:

  • Edit your catalogue
  • Delete your catalogue.

You’re not able to delete your organisation’s default catalogue.

Use the filter to search your catalogues

Use the filter section to find products by more granular detail. Use the filter to search for:

  • A catalogue name
  • Catalogues with a certain product in it
  • Catalogues based on their visibility settings
  • Catalogues you’ve shared with other organisations.