A catalogue is a grouping of products. It's where you can set the visibility of products, and share your products with other organisations.

Every organisation has a default catalogue, which cannot be deleted. Every product in your organisation is added to this catalogue and cannot be removed from it. By default, the visibility of this catalogue is set to private (only my organisation’s catalogue editors). However, you can change the visibility of this catalogue at any time.

You can create a new catalogue too.

Navigate to the create catalogue screen

Hover over the product icon in the menu and click the + to the right of catalogue library.

You will need to be a Super Administrator or a Catalogue Editor to do this.

Enter a name for your catalogue

The name will be visible to users who can see your catalogue.

Add products to your catalogue

Click add products to select the products to add. You can also click the arrow to choose to add all current products, all future products or all draft products at once.

Find out what a current, future of draft product is here.

Set the visibility

Find out more about how to set visibility here.

Choose to share the products in your catalogue

Find our more about sharing product data here.

Save your catalogue

All of the settings made above will now be live. You can see all of your catalogues, as well as edit them, from your catalogue library.