Navigate to your product library

Hover over the product icon in the menu and click product library.

Toggle between visual and data views

Use the toggle in the top right (next to the new button) to switch between a visual view and a data view. You can still perform all actions on both views. You can switch between the views at any time.

Create a new product

Another way of getting to the create product screen is through your product library. Click the new button to get straight to the create product screen, or click the arrow on the right of the new button to:

  • Create a new version of an existing product
  • Clone an existing product
  • Upload a CSV of new products
  • Upload a CSV of product edits

A new version of an existing product should be used if the old version is being superseded by the new version. Creating a product this way will keep the GTIN and supplier item number of the original product.

Cloning an existing product will bring across much of the data from the original product, but it will not include the GTIN and supplier item number. This function is useful for entering similar products that share some of the same characteristics, but have different GTINs and supplier item numbers. This helps reduce some of that pesky data entry.

Uploading a CSV of new products allows you to upload a CSV of your products. You can map the columns in your CSV to the fields in Colladium and then upload.

Uploading a CSV of product changes lets you keep your data in sync with other systems. Using a similar method as the CSV of new products, upload your file, map the fields and Colladium will update your products with the new data from your CSV.

Use the tabs on the left to quickly find your products

The tabs on the left hand side of your product library sort your products into their statuses:

  • Current
  • Future
  • End of life
  • Obsolete
  • Draft
  • All

Current products are products with an effective date in the past and an end availability date more than 60 days in the future, or blank.

Future products are products with an effective date in the future.

End of life products have an effective date in the past and and end availability date that falls within the next 60 days.

Obsolete products have an end availability date in the past.

Draft products have no effective date and cannot be seen by other organisations.

Use quick actions to make changes to your products

Use the quick actions (in the actions column on the right in the data view, or hovering over the three dots in the visual view) or bulk actions (on the left of the top green row) to make changes to your products on the fly. Using the quick actions you can:

  • Create a new version of your product
  • Edit your product
  • Add your product to a catalogue
  • Delete your product (you can only delete draft products).

Use the filter to narrow your search results

The tabs on the left are handy for finding the status of a product, but you can also use the filter section to find products by more granular detail. Use the filter to search by identifying information, dates and more.

View a product

Just click on the product line (if you’re on the data view) or the product tile (if you’re on the visual view). This will take you to view the product detail page. If you have the right roles (super administrator or product editor), you’ll also see the ability to edit or clone the product.