We’re reducing the number of emails you receive from us

Wading through emails can feel like the bane of our existence. That's why from the 14th of May 2019, we’ll group multiple notifications about forms into one email. Instead of sending one email for every form you receive, we'll send you an email every 20 minutes to let you know about any new forms that are waiting. The emails will be grouped by:

  • Notification type
    For example, purchase order or invoice
  • Trading partner
    So for retailers, you'll receive an email per supplier.

The change will mean:

  • less clutter in your inbox
  • improved deliver-ability
  • an easier way to manage your orders.

For those of you who have automated rules setup in your mailbox, the emails will still come from the same email address. The subject will now be 'you have new purchase orders' or 'you have new purchase order responses' or 'you have new invoices'.

The notifications you see inside of Colladium will remain the same; there will continue to be one notification for each form received.

And don't forget, you can always adjust your notification settings. Find out how to do that here.