An easier way to communicate with your community

Your community can be large and diverse, and let’s face it, not every member needs the same information.

Our new ‘member categories’ allow you to communicate with different segments of your community easier than ever. Get better cut through  by only notifying your members about things that actually matter to them.

For those of you who aren’t aware, Colladium gives you the ability  to post notices, events and documents to your community. You can choose to notify your members when you post something new too.

Use these features to announce things like new store openings, changed operating hours, software updates and more.

And with the new member categories, you can notify only certain members, like only those in NSW, or those who supply a certain type of good, or those using a certain service of yours.

It’s simple to use. Create a ‘member category’, assign it to  members and add a notice, event or document. The content you’ve added will only  be available to that members with that category.

Read the step-by-step process here.